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September 28, 2016

In the past 6 months or so, I have discovered a new-found obsession with beauty products and make up…

Panier des Sens - Absolue Rose Geranium

Looking back on it, I think it all started with my subscription to Glossybox.

I started getting all these new products (some of which I didn’t even know what they were for) that I felt I had to try at least once or it’d be a waste.

That led me to Youtube and beauty reviews/tutorials; I wanted to learn more about the products I was getting and how best to use them…

You can imagine, the vortex of beauty vlogs sucked me in, and the rest is history.

Lately, I find myself entering Sephora whenever I get the chance just to “take a look” and always leave with at least one new product I probably do NOT need haha.

And now, I’m constantly in the lookout for new brands and concepts, which I will be sharing with you from now on.

Panier des Sens - Absolue Rose Geranium


Panier des sens” is a beauty care brand from the Provence region in the South of France that offers a wide variety of the prettiest beauty products, from the traditional soaps, to lotions, to candles.

In this occasion, they offered me to try a few items from their “Absolue Géranium Rosat” range…

Panier des Sens - Absolue Rose Geranium Panier des Sens - Absolue Rose Geranium

These products were an immediate #coupdecoeur with their gorgeous packaging *** and their Sweet Geranium scent… I mean, pretty beauty products??? They were meant for me!

The hand lotion has a soft fragrance and is very lightweight… in a small tube perfect for carrying around.

Panier des Sens - Absolue Rose Geranium

The shower gel is has an acute citric scent that is very fresh… perfect to kick-start your day.

Panier des Sens - Absolue Rose Geranium

The eau de toilette, my favorite of the lot… has a very fragrant scent, that blends softly, so it’s perfect for the day to day.

Panier des Sens - Absolue Rose Geranium


Fragrances are a tricky thing, it might sound good on paper and then just not match your “scent personality”… so I was a bit nervous at the beginning, worried the “Absolue Géranium Rosat” range wouldn’t suit me, but it was a perfect match!

Panier des Sens - Absolue Rose Geranium

If as I,  you like slightly-sweet scents with citric undertones, then you’re going to love these.

Now that I know I love this range, I can’t wait to try out the bar soap and candle (and the pretty hand cream in the golden tube).

**Now that I moved and I will have a vanity, these products will definitely be on display, adding to my rose gold decoration.

Panier des Sens - Absolue Rose Geranium


Let me know your thoughts if you try these products!

The products mentioned in this article were provided to me, free of charge, for review. All comments depicted here are a 100% authentic, based on my personal experience.

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  • Eouzan.H October 8, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Really cool post! Those products seem amazing!