Last Minute Guide | Bastille day Fireworks

July 14, 2016

So the 14 of July is here, and with it comes the ultimate French festivity in the city of lights.

Bastille Day Eiffel Tower Fireworks Paris

Every year, people get together to picnic in the afternoon and wait for the firework show; the most famous locations is of course Champ de Mars… but if you want to give this place a shot you must arrive extra early and expect big crowds (not for claustrophobic people)… It is after all the place where you really get to live the show.

But not everyone is up for such a long wait and little space, so here’s a list of other spots with the best view of the Eiffel Tower:

  • Trocadéro: An obvious option… also a very crowded one.
  • Pont des Arts: you get to see the top of the tower with a pretty view of the river and the buildings surrounding it.
  • Avenue des Camoens: the most “editorial” spot to see the tower… it’s small and surrounded by pretty  buildings, but with a clear view of the Tower.
  • Rue de la Manutention: Located just next to Palais de Tokyo; a clear view of the tower at the top of a stairway.
  • Parc de Saint Cloud: it’s far, so the Eiffel Tower will look tiny but you get the best skyline of Paris ever. Although I’m afraid they close before the show… will need to test that theory.
  • Parc de Belleville: Another incredible view of Parisian skyline from a cute little hill.
  • Square Rapp: Gotta admit, it’s a private and very tiny area… but has such a lovely view. Perhaps you can drop by another time for a photo instead ;)
  • Bir-Hakeim Bridge: the famous “Inception” bridge offers up close view to the tower and the reflection of the lights on the river.
  • Île aux Cignes: a little island perpendicular to the Bir-Hakeim  bridge… offers an angular vision to the tower and the river.
  • Avenue de Lowendall: A straight view of the tower, adorned by the Ecole Militaire building.
  • Rue de l’Université: There’s no guarantee that it won’t be closed, it’s worth giving it a try. An extraordinary and close-up view of the tower framed by gorgeous “Haussmanian” buildings.
  • Passerelle Debilly: A modern bridge with a straightforward view.
  • Tuileries Gardens: In the section facing the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. It’ll be a bit far away and not too clear, but you’ll still get to see it and be surrounded by the prettiest gardens and buildings in the city.

Of course there are many other options to try like apartments mainly in the 7th, 15th and 16th districts, and random little streets throughout the city. But these are some options that can offer a good show.

Hope it helps and happy national day!

Best view of the Eiffel Tower - Bastille day Fireworks Best view of the Eiffel Tower - Bastille day Fireworks Best view of the Eiffel Tower - Bastille day Fireworks

Best view of the Eiffel Tower - Bastille day Fireworks Best view of the Eiffel Tower - Bastille day Fireworks

* These photos were taken last year on Champ de Mars :)

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