pfw ss15 | alexis mabille fashion show

October 23, 2014
Shooting backstage is my favorite, always exciting and a bit tricky… at least to me.


Sherry Q. // Manon Delplanque


Maria Magdalena


Manuela Tatjana Frey // Maud Le Fort

Lena Hardt

Maggie Jablonski


Julia Frauche

Viktor Van Pelt

Manuela Tatjana Frey


Josefin Gustafsson


Manuela Tatjana Frey

Sherry Q.

The reason is that there are so many factors involved to determine how beautiful the shots will turn out.
Unless you are very well connected, which I’m not, you don’t know in advance what the collection is going to look like, whether there will be natural light in the room, how big the space is going to be; it even depends on the atmosphere, the mood of the staff and models and the internal rules they make about when and where you can or can’t be.
That’s why it is always a pleasure to me, when I arrive to a show where the atmosphere is light and pleasant, there is enough room and good light. (Don’t get me wrong, I will always be up for a good challenge anyways…).
This was the case for Alexis Mabille. Maybe it is the fact that it was just in the beginning of PFW but most people were relaxed and helpful, the models smiled and looked stunning with that gorgeous metallic eye make-up and the clothes had so many beautiful details which are always a thrill to shoot (you know I love me some detail shots)… plus there were sequins, and it’s public knowledge that I’m crazy about sequins and glitter.
Speaking of the clothes, the collection is meant to convey the idea that the favorite sport of an “Alexis Mabille girl” is fashion, which led to looks with an obvious sportswear influence steeped with sexy & glamorous details (like the aforementioned sequins, lots of silk, lace and even some fishnet).
There were obviously some outfits that suit my personality more than others, but overall I really liked it! Specially the white and the golden looks.


Alexis Mabille is a pretty big deal here in France, so if you don’t know the work of the young designer, you should really check him out! 
*Shooting for MyBeautifulDressing

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  • HANA November 8, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    These are stunning Ylenia!