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January 18, 2013

The photos of this day are very special to me, because it was the day Flo surprised me by reaching us in LA when I thought I wasn’t gonna see him for the whole month while in holidays with my family.

Being in an international relationship implies big challenges. First it was the fact of carrying a long distance relationship. Fortunately, Flo and I have passed that stage and are now happy together in France.

But the challenge doesn’t stop there, cause now I miss my family very much, and sometimes due to commitments or even financial factors, it is hard to see them as much as I’d like. 

That’s why when I knew I had the opportunity to spend a month with my family I didn’t think it twice (even though I knew thought Flo woulnd’t be able to come)

You must think “well if you have been in a LDR, you can definitely survive a month apart” and well it’s true!

But what’s hard about this, is not being able to have everyone at the same time… The more fun I have, the more I want the other(s) to be there. (Sometimes, I just wish things were easier, and I could have all the time my family and my love… without it having to be an extraordinary occassion.)

So as thrilled as I was to be on a family trip to California, I had this little part of me that didn’t feel complete.

But then that night, my family and him gave me this beautiful surprise! And for a couple of weeks I had what I wanted which was to have everyone just for me ♥

ES: Estas fotos me encantan porque son del día que Flo nos alcanzó de sorpresa en California! (Después de que yo pensara que ibamos a pasar todo el mes lejos uno del otro)

A veces es difícil tener una relación internacional, porque las dificultades y retos no se acaban solo cuando por fin estamos juntos despues de haber estado en una relación a distancia. 

Ahora que vivo en Francia, sigue siendo muy difícil para mí estar lejos de mi familia. 

Y a veces lo único que deseo es poder estar con todos al mismo tiempo; no tener que decidir entre estar en México con mi familia o en Francia con mi amor.

Por eso el que haya llegado a California para pasar un par de semanas conmigo y mi familia, fue el mejor regalo de navidad que me pudo dar.

Esa sensación de plenitud no la cambio por nada!! 


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