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March 21, 2012

I think that by now you may have a hint to my complete adoration for colors…for me the more the better! not only in fashion but everywhere… maybe it comes from the fact that Mexico is so rich of colors

But well anyways coming back to my point, I’ve been for years obsessed with the Holi festival in India… it is celebrated in March of every year and it is just a dream for me to go.

Not only does it seem amazingly fun but I can just imagine the amazing vibe there must be going on at it… plus of course I would be thrilled to take gorgeous colorful pictures!!

This year again I couldn’t make it… but who knows maybe next year I’ll have my chance :)

In the meantime I just had to share some images, I’m sure you’ll become as obsessed to go as I am ;)

Have a great night!











All images from The Big Picture

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