Versailles | The Castle

June 9, 2011

At last!! The final post of the “Versailles series”

Now I can go on to spam you with new Parisian wonderfulness :D

{Don’t get me wrong I love Versailles and will go back soon [be prepared] but even I have to admit that I went crazy with the photographs… but I can’t help it! :O I’m a camera whore!!}

So these are just some random shots of the outside of the Château {that’s why I have to go back… to go in!!} and the main Jardins. I hope you like them!

The entrance La Grillé d’Honneur to the wonderful Domaine de Versailles:

The famous golden gate:

The view from the Cour Royale:

The view from the Cour de Marbre:

The view from the Parterre d’eau:

Parterre sud:

Bassin et Parterre de Laton:

The view back to the Château from the Tapis Vert:

To finish, the famous and my personal favorite La Bassin D’Apollon:

I bet it looks even better at dawn/dusk {just like in Marie Antoinette’s movie}

These aren’t spectacular, I’m aware :/ but I’ll make up for it with other future pics!

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  • Simplybeautifulelegant July 6, 2013 at 2:52 am

    SO beautiful! lovely.