Versailles | Details

June 5, 2011

If you have seen some of my previous posts, you may have realized that I’m obsessed with details.

I love to do a lot of close-up shots showing textures, patterns, just any kind of detail that many times go unnoticed.
{that’s why it’d be a dream to have a macro lense but I can’t currently afford it :( }

Well in Versailles, there is a lot of little details that are worth taking a moment to pay attention to… theres millions of things, and this is just a little hint of them. I would love to provide you with even more shots, but since this is already a long post, let’s keep it this way.

I hope you like it!

↑ Taken by Flo

↑ Taken by Flo

↑ Taken by Flo

These photos are from the Trianons and the gardens. I didn’t get the chance to enter the actual Château de Versailles this time, but I will go soon and of course you can expect another DETAIL POST about it :)

{As you can see, I signaled 3 photos that were taken by my bf :) ever since I moved here, I’ve been trying to infect him with my love for photography, and it’s working! Plus, he’s the one who’s doing all my outfit shots lately, isn’t he becoming great?}

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