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June 3, 2011

So as the cellphone picture from yesterday shows, me and my bf went rollerskating to La Défense… we had planned to go to 2 museums but since we had to go some errands and buy groseries it became late so we decided to keep it simple and just go for a stroll.

Turns out La Défense isn’t really the best place to rollerskate so we didn’t stay long, we took the metro back to Étoile and decided to go back home skating from there. The pictures aren’t anything great but I still wanna share them with you… {the other 2 posts from Versailles are coming soon}

{FYI: If you pay attention on the prev pic, between the 2 weird sticks you can see the Arc de Triomphe which is actually perfectly aligned with the Arche de la Défense}

Don’t pay much attention to what I’m wearing, I literally grabbed the comfiest thing I found… I was in a big fat lazy mood ^^

{Pont de L’Alma / Av. de New York}
Right after this picture, I went crazy going super fast on Av. de New York {since the ground there is so smooth and there wasn’t much people} what I didn’t count on was that all the friggin trees on the avenue were losing branches worse that a teen with premature baldness… If you can guess tree sticks are DEATHLY for rollerskates… you can imagine how I ended up….

YES with my butt kissing the ground… it’s a rule, I always fall, but this time I even overachieved with the dorkiest/most embarrassing/most painful fall of all times.

NOW I can barely sit :/

The hightlight of the day was that at Les Quatre Temps I treated myself with this ring :))

And since I was craving macarons during the whole day but didn’t get the chance to go to Ladurée {+ I’m broke}… I finally tasted the macarons from the patisserie that’s on the corner of my street.

Not bad… but my palate is used to those from Ladurée … pfff XD

↑↑↑ This picture was just to brag about my ring ;)

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