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March 25, 2011

These past two weeks I’ve been single and ready to mingle (metaphorically speaking of course).

My boyfriend went away to Bdx for these days so it was the perfect occassion to have some girl time and enjoy it :)

The fact that the weather has gotten better totally motivates to go out and just enjoy… so we haven’t done anything in specific but to enjoy life and the fact that we’re living at these amazing place.

We went shopping, walking, cooked, took pictures, did a picnic next to the Seine, , visited new places, ate crêpes, drank coffee…

We also did a little gathering and then went to a nightclub friday night… It’s name is Showcase, and it’s exactly below the beatiful bridge Alexandre III {how cool is that?}

{yes I’m aware this is not one of our best pictures, but it’s the only one I have of the 7 of us; and we were having so much fun… running}
This nightclub is for electro lovers only… if you don’t like electro then certainly you won’t have much to do there.

One of the parts I loved the most that night was the running (still dunno why we ran) from the metro station Invalides to the entrance at the nightclub.

I know it’s weird, but it was a fun part of the night… we did a lot of silly things … you know, plein fun.

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