NYFW SS16 | Street Style Day 5 & Paparazzi vs Street Style

October 1, 2015

How’s your week going guys?

Today I have for you the photos from my 5th day at NYFW SS16, in which I covered the Vera Wang, Coach, the Diesel Black & Gold Street Style.

*Read my rant about Paparazzi vs Street Style photographers below the 3 slideshows.



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On this day there were lots of “celebrity sightings”, particularly at the Vera Wang show. Among the ones I somehow luckily managed to snap were: Kylie Jenner (the biggest of them all I guess), Bella Thorne, Rita Ora, Kiernan Shipka and Ciara.

I usually don’t care much for celebrities, and even less for taking photos of them.

That might sound odd, but the reason is that they are a paparazzi magnet (no surprise there), and from personal experience, I think most, if not all of them happen to be extremely rude, reckless and even violent… They will do anything to get their freaking over-exposed, extremely closed-up, unflattering photo(s) of the person in question.

Many people who are not very familiar with the fashion industry, tend to assume that Street Style photographers and Paparazzi are the same… and just to clear it out, we are NOT.

Among street style photographers, there is an “unspoken” code that you learn along the way.

These implicit “guidelines” include simple things such as: don’t cross someone while they are shooting, stay clear of the background of other people’s frames, don’t stand next to the subjects, don’t push, don’t take the photos too close so others can get a shot, don’t use flash, etc.

On the other hand, the first thing paparazzi will do is push aggressively (like it’s part of their job description I swear), they will get as close as they can to the person they want to shoot (screw everyone else who is trying to get a shot too), and they take all their photos with flash (most frustrating thing, cause their flash ruins the lighting for everyone else trying to take a good photo).

On another hand, paparazzi are known for invading people’s privacy, and sometimes even putting them in danger.

When shooting street style, indeed some of the photos are taken without previous consent (particularly when it’s candid photos). Perhaps I’m justifying us, but I believe it is entirely different to snooping into people’s home’s or follow them to their vacation destinations.

Fashion Week feels like a neutral-common ground, where most people know and even expect to be photographed. And when they do not wish to, they are free to say so and most of us (yeah there might be a few jerks around) will back off immediately.

And finally, another major difference between street style photographers and paparazzi is the end product itself.

Paparazzi only care to get the shot… Make sure you see the face of the “famous” person and get as many photos possible; who cares if they person looks good in them (many times a particularly bad angle will sell for more $$$).

In street style, we are trying to tell a story of an instant; to create our very own little piece of art.

We want the person to look their best (we want them to love it); we like to play with the surroundings like the colors, the light, the architecture, anything from the setting and of course we want to bring all the attention to the fashion element in the image… because after all “Fashion” and “Style” are the ultimate stars of our photos.

I know it is wrong to generalize; I’m sure there are many decent, friendly and hard-working paparazzi… I just haven’t had the pleasure to meet them in person so far.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic of Paparazzi vs Street Style!

Did this help you shed a different or new light to your perception of Street Style photography? Do you agree with what I mention, or do you think I’m completely off base?

Thanks for passing by!

All photos by me. All rights reserved. © Ylenia Cuéllar.

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  • Ram November 10, 2015 at 3:21 pm

    Gran post! No queremos a los paparazzi…

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    Nice outfits, love your style!

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    I really like your Posts & you have great Pictures.

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    Love your blog style!