NYFW SS16 | Street Style Day 3

September 27, 2015

New York Fashion Week Day 3.

The day began early in the financial district for Victoria Beckham Street Style… the area was just so crowded it was impossible to take nice photos. I know it’s everybody’s right but oh I wish there hadn’t been so many tourists!

The second show of the day was Public School, my first time shooting this show. It was actually quite interesting street style wise but it was also located at a very touristic spot, about a block away from Madison Square Garden so the floods of people was challenging but I still got a few nice shots.

To continue I passed by Washington Street to catch the exit of Derek Lam followed by Rachel Zoe… I then finished the day with Thakoon which took place at a great location with a very wide avenue and almost no people, that was a good way to finish the day!

As in previous posts from this season, there is a separate gallery for each show so don’t forget to check all 4 slideshows out and let me know what you liked most!



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Best spotted at Public School:

  • Printed dress… I don’t know if I would wear it but I definitely love photographing it.
  • Nykhor’s outfit… golden looks great on her, and that meshed top looks amazing.
  • Helena’s blue dress… seriously she can do no wrong in my book.
  • Nausheen’s full look… off shoulder tops are back!
  • Colorful Chanel bag… because colors and Chanel.



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Best spotted at Thakoon:

  • Michelle’s indigo dress… sorry I don’t show more of it in the image.
  • Natasha’s understated outfit… yet it has interesting details, the leather skirt looks really nice.
  • Yasmin Sewell’s full look… I love that the silhouette is somewhat masculine yet maintains a delicate feel to it.
  • Camille’s shoes… they look slightly vintage and I love how nice they match the super casual look.
  • Eva’s Proenza Schouler handbag… maybe neon is back? Either way, I love it.
  • Chriselle’s top… because who doesn’t love a little bit of “trompe l’oeil”?



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Best spotted at Rachel Zoe:

  • Zina’s Mod outfit… specially the mini skirt.
  • Pernille’s skirt… or is it a dress?
  • Still obsessing over Nausheen’s off-shoulder top.



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Best spotted at Victoria Beckham:

  • Denim top and bandana… Always felt bandana’s were too “cowboy” for my taste, but there was a boom of people wearing them this season, and they proved to me they can look pretty chic if worn correctly, like this girl.
  • Leandra’s star dress… another girl who can do no wrong in my eyes #personalstylegoals
  • Veronika’s LBD… fitted and simple.
  • Silver pencil skirt.


I hope you liked these photos cause I’ve got so many more to show you!

All photos by me. All rights reserved. © Ylenia Cuéllar.

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