PFW AW15 | Issey Miyake Backstage & Runway

June 15, 2015

Finally they are here, my Issey Miyake Backstage and Runway photos from the AW15 collection presented during Paris Fashion Week.

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The reason why I say “finally” is that I was really looking forward to show you these photos!

I know that to you, these photos will look just like any others I’ve published here, but what makes them different was the show itself.

What made it different (to me) was the runway itself. Instead of a narrow straight path to walk like in most cases, the models would walk at different heights in an open esplanade, and sometimes at the same time so it turned shooting slightly more challenging  as well as forcing the looks to be shot from different angles (leaving more room for originality).

This was actually pretty cook because it contributed to a more diversified and interesting set of photos!

I’m not sure I’m making myself clear, so hopefully you’ll understand when you see the slideshow :)

The best of course was the finale!

When all the looks were over the room turned dark, then a fade light reappeared revealing a few models wearing a sort of bodysuit and tiny skirts lined up across the esplanade.  Immediately a very soft yet cheerful tune filled the room and the models “released” from their beautiful-colorful circle skirts to while twirling around to the sound of the music. It was like a dancing rainbow!

I love when they set a whole atmosphere around the show, making not just a simple presentation of clothes but a whole experience!

It was such a joy to cover this show :)

All photos by me. All rights reserved. © Ylenia Cuéllar.


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