pfw ss15 | john galliano fashion show

December 23, 2014
Although each and every fashion show I covered this past PFW was unique and very special, I think the one I enjoyed the most to shoot was John Galliano SS15… all because it was a huge challenge.

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As a photographer, one has to arrive around 1h30+ in advance in order to grab a good spot on the photographers podium + shoot the backstage. Just before this show I had Martin Grant, and got out of it with just enough time to arrive just with 30 min in advance and of course by the time I was there it was just impossible to get a spot with good visibility.
Then there was a tiny empty corner but a bitter old photographer bullied me out of it because he was next to it and he didn’t want to be disturbed. (I wouldn’t affect him but this métier is still pretty dominated by men… so every show is a battle for me to prove that I deserve to be on that podium as much as them).
Anyways, after freaking out I decided to risk it and go to the backstage; I’d figure out the whole spot thing later. And so I took my photos freely, then went back on the very last second and a miracle happened; a cameraman made me a a tiny little spot somewhat bellow-next to him.
I had never in my life been so uncomfortable… I was standing on the very edge of the podium so didn’t have much stability plus and since it was so crowded, I had to put my camera in a tiny space between two photographers in front of me… it was SO HARD to shoot, I was shaking the whole time my legs were getting numb, I had the smallest range of visibility and the video camera was pushing agains my neck…
After all this, you must imagine how thrilled I was to see that I managed to get some good shots!
I really wanted to share with you the the fun jungle-themed collection.
One that although isn’t very mainstream or commercial, possesses an amusing appeal and some outstanding pieces that could be incorporated to an everyday wardrobe.
Tell me what you think!
Ylenia*Shooting for MyBeautifulDressing
 All photos by me. All rights reserved. © Ylenia Cuéllar.

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  • Ramida Dusdeevutikul December 23, 2014 at 5:17 am

    Awesome collection! love it alot<3