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June 21, 2014

One of my biggest passions is photography.

 Ambitious Looks

I particularly LOVE doing street style photography which I started doing as soon as I moved to Paris in 2011… way before street style photography was so “trendy” attempted by anyone and everyone (ehem sorry if I sound a bit hipster).

What inspired me to start was my long time love for Bill Cunningham and his devotion to genuine street fashion as well asTommy Ton’s photographic style.

I think it was nice that I started back then because it was not the crazy “Fashion Circus” it is now; you would only see the photographers sent by agencies, a few paparazzis, very few street style photographers and even less fame seekers.
I had never done it before, so the slow pace did me good… I could grasp the whole thing calmly.

With every season, it started getting more and more crowded and it’s no secret that to me the AW14 season was just over the top and mildly annoying.

Waaaay too many people, especially those who just hang out in the hopes to see celebrities, putting their iphone in front of your camera when you’re about to take a photo (totally ruining your shot), getting in the way asking to take a selfie with a fashion editor our pushing you/screaming on your ear whenever they thought they saw Rihanna…

Yes I am aware of how bitter I sound…

But who am I to say they shouldn’t be there? The first time I tried doing Fashion Week I was also an over excited teenager hoping to see Anna dello Russo and Freja Beha.

So I guess there’s no moral to my story, but it is just a recount of how I got into the whole street style movement.

Now I can say that although I still have a long way to go and a lot more to learn, I’m proud of my photos, and gladly people are starting to like them too.

And that’s what brings me here. It’s been a long while since I wanted to have one place where to display my street style photography all together, trying to take it to a next level and start being recognized as a street style photographer instead of a blogger who takes photos at fashion week.

So that’s why I created Ambitious Looks my own little photographic gallery which I hope will serve you as fashion or photography inspiration.

I know it’s nothing out of this world, but I’m pretty excited about it!

I’m currently uploading photos from previous seasons but the intention is for me to make daily updates with new photos in the coming fashion week.

PS. Although Ambitious Looks will become the main blog for my street style photography, I will still make the seasonal street style posts here in the blog ;)

I hope you like it!

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  • Pablo Parra (Fungi) June 21, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    Qué genial Ylenia, lo vi en la mañana en tu facebook y me super encantó la idea! Vas que vuelas para ser la siguiente Cunningham ya sabes que yo soy tu fan y te mereces ir a todos los fashion weeks del mundo para fotografiar a la gente con más estilo, captas a la perfección cada actitud y cada detalle :)

    Te felicito y me paso por tu nuevo sitio!