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May 26, 2014

If there is one fashion designer that likes to think out of the box and let her imagination run free, then it is Tsumori Chisato…

Obviously that means her label is not the most mainstream out there, but I think it is always cool to find designers that just wanna express themselves without trying to please the masses.

Anyways, here are some photos from the super colorful and fun fashion show for the AW14 collection, which presented a retro feeling in its pieces plus an obvious “jungle” inspiration which could be found in the characteristic iconography and the star of the show: the gorilla (which was present in almost all garments).

The designer not only played with colors but also with shapes and volumes, offering extraordinary silhouettes that at least to me, seemed very fun to wear!

Maybe in general I would choose a single item of the collection and tone it down with staple pieces, but there are some looks I seriously wouldn’t mind wearing exactly as presented.

What about you? Do you like the collection, or you think it’s too much?

Have a nice week!

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  • The Little Dressing May 26, 2014 at 11:35 am

    How do you manage to go to these catwalks ? The pictures are amazing !

  • Jennifer Aranda May 26, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    love the shoes! as for the clothes… it all depends on how you wear it, and the attitude you have when wearing it, everything can work.