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September 4, 2012

Today I’m gonna show you some more pictures from our trip to Barcelona.

This day we decided to go to Parc Montjuic, which to be honest, was one of my favorite places {maybe because it’s one of the least crowded and it had a sense of calmness that I really enjoyed}. We also went to “La Boquería” but I’ll show you those pictures some other time :)

These are no outfit pictures, but we had fun taking them… specially since we decided that jumping is “our thing” {as you’ll start seeing in the following posts}

Now you can imagine this pair of “kids” jumping around in front of a camera… well you’ll let me know what you think! Even if you think we look a bit silly ^^

ES: Aquí unas fotos de nuestro segundo día en Barcelona.

Ese día fuimos a Parc Montjuic, que fue uno de mis lugares favoritos! Me encanto que casi no había gente y se sentía mucha tranquilidad. Ese día tambien fuimos al Mercado “La Boquería” que es como un paraíso de verdad!

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