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July 23, 2012

Hi guys, have you missed me?? Cause I’ve missed you much!


It’s crazy how little I have posted lately, it’s sad but I’ve been in such a rush and stress that I’ve spent many free days resting or running errands etc…

Plus, I know every girl says this, but it’s true for me… I don’t have clothes!! (That is one of the saddest things that can happen to a person who loves fashion)

The great… amazing… excellent news, is that next week I’m going en amoureux to Barcelona!!! I have to say I’m thrilled cause I’ve never been, plus I think we deserve a little break!

I’m planning to take loads of pictures and will try not to disappoint :)

Anyways in any case, here’s a few pics from the weekend in which the outfits was kinda blah and wrinkly (I forgot to iron my dress oops!) but it will get better for sure ;)

Location: Paroise St Vincent 10e & Canal St Martin 10e

ES: Siento muchísimo estar tan desaparecida! He estado tan ocupada y estresada que los pocos momentos libres que he tenido los uso para descansar.

Lo bueno es que en una semana Flo y yo nos vamos a Barcelona! Estamos emocionados porque nunca hemos ido, además de que nos merecemos el descanso!

Voy a tratar de tomar muchas fotos para enseñarles!

Estas fotos son de un día que honestamente, mi outfit esta medio equis (además de que se me olvidó planchar mi vestido ups!)

Pero ya les enseñaré mejores looks! ;)

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