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July 5, 2012

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I’m terrible at buying second hand clothes, and that sucks!

I see girls like Georgiana who seems to have a gift at finding fabulous vintage pieces without emptying her wallet… and me, everytime I enter a vintage store I end up with an allergy (literally) and empty-handed.

I think it’s the fact that I have no patience whatsoever… so I can’t keep too long looking among the piles of clothes in order to find something. That added to the fact that I truly believe it requires a special talent (that I obviously don’t have); a sort of radar to finding those amazing treasures.

Anyways, here I present to you my only vintage piece I own (so far)

I got it when my mom visited last October and only until this weekend I finally wore it. First because since I’m a clean freak I washed it 3 times before daring to put it in my closet with the rest of my clothes. And second because, even as excited as I was when I bought it, somehow I wouldn’t feel like wearing it.

But now that I wore it, I love it!! And I think I’m gonna be wearing it a lot this summer… what do you think, do you like it?

Location: Rue Malebranche, 5e

ES: Este es un look con mi primera compra vintage :)

La verdad soy malísima para comprar ropa vintage; como que me hace falta ese don para saber buscar y encontrar tresoros a precios buenísimos!

Al fin, hace un año compré este vestido y apenas ahora lo estoy usando. Lo terminé lavando 3 veces antes de atreverme a meterlo en mi closet con el resto de mi ropa (ya se, loca exagerada jaja)

Pero bueno, por fín encontré la forma de usarlo y me encanta! Aunque tal ves se vea muy “RETRO”? Ustedes que opinan?

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