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June 22, 2012

Omg it feels like a century since my last post!!

I hate myself for it, I really enjoy writing here but life has gotten lately in the way… but I have the feeling I will soon be able to post more often again.

So what’s been up?

Well the end of the year at school, which obviously has been crazy. I still have one week left to go full of projects but then I’m free!! Well sorta, because I have found a stage! (internship).

I started this monday, and I’m thrilled and a bit nervous at the same time… specially since now I have to prove my french skills! {and in a professional environment}

It’s an internship as a communication and commercial assistant at a renowned designer’s maison

He is portuguese, has a really different and cool proposal and presents in PFW. Maybe you can guess who it is? ;)

So getting back to the post… this pictures were taken the 2nd of june {ever since then I haven’t seen more than the 4 walls of either home, school and now my job}

This weekend is the bf’s bday so hopefully we’ll take amazing pictures to share with you! {which btw if you can give me ideas of cool plans I’d love that, I’m clueless}

Hope you like the pics! I missed you!

Locations: Musée des Arts et Métiers, Rue des Vertus, Rue des Haudriettes, Musée des Archives

ES: Estoy en mi última semana de clases por lo que he estado super concentrada en mi trabajo final.

Estoy super feliz porque por fín encontré un lugar donde voy a trabajar los próximos 6 meses! Comencé esta semana y la verdad estoy super emocionada y super nerviosa a la vez! Principalmente porque ahora si mi habilidad en el francés estará a prueba!

Voy a trabajar con un diseñador portugués que se presenta en Paris Fashion Week y tiene una propuesta muy estructurada y fresca. Pueden adivinar quien es?

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