outfit | la grande mosquée de paris

May 24, 2012
Ever since I moved here to Paris I made the decision to try to visit all the parks, monuments, cultural (or just any interesting or beautiful) places that the city has to offer.

I don’t know if you have realized that, but I try to change the location of my photos so that you can visit new places along with me.

I’m gonna edit past posts (and continue to do it for the future posts) so that all my posts indicate the location of the shoot. This way if you like the place, you know where it is exactly and maybe visit it the next time you’re in Paris :)

So one obligated location that I had missed to visit was the Mosque. It is a really beautiful and pacific place, with gorgeous gardens and tiles. It was the perfect plan for a shiny saturday afternoon…

I got so excited about the fact that there was actually sun (they are rare here compared to my lovely Mexico) that I went crazy with the colors, and went for a quite relaxed but bold color blocking for the occassion, I hope you like it :) Or do you think it’s too much?

Location: La Grande Mosquée de Paris

ES: Desde que nos mudamos a Paris, Flo y yo tomamos la decisión de que vamos a tratar de conocer todos los parques que hay en la ciudad!

Así que la mesquita fue el lugar que descubrimos en la última ocasión. Es un lugar hermoso y muy pacífico… perfecto para un paseo tranquilo en fin de semana. Además de que se pueden tomar fotos muy lindas ahí.

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