outfit | a gray day

April 2, 2012
Once again the day is grey but this time I didn’t let it put me down…

I realize now that I should have taken that as a sign that I should have stayed home and run errands and study for an exam I didn’t know I had today but no, I didn’t follow the sign and ended up getting really sick… then on Sunday the weather was beautiful but cold and as sick as I was I still decided that wouldn’t stop me from having a nice picnic with Flo… you can now imagine how sick I am now but at least I had my picnic :)

How was your weekend?

Hope you have a Happy Monday!

ES: Otro día gris, pero no nos detuvo para ir a pasear y tomar fotos… Ese día tenía que estudiar pero no hice caso y salí, lo que hizo que terminara super enferma. Y luego el domingo el día estuvo divino así que salí otra vez para hacer un picnic.

Ya se imaginarán lo enferma que estoy ahora, pero nada me quita que tuve mi picnic ;)

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