random | it’s pfw and i’m stuck in school!

February 29, 2012

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… not that I’m invited to any fashion show or anything lol… but still I like going and seeing what goes one, plus between you and me I really need a brake this school is draining all my energy (but I love it!)

Suppossedly on friday after school I’ll go with 3 friends from my class to go see the buzz and maybe me and one of them {she loves photography as well} take some pictures of the attendees and the whole circus that revolves around the fashion weeks :) I already did it once if you remember, so it should be fun!

Also if I’m not exhausted on saturday I will do the same but with my beautiful perfect boyfriend {what other boyfriend stands up with going outside fashion shows just so that his girlfriend can take pictures and dream about a potential future career in the Industry? … I’m lucky!}

So that means I’ll have lots of pictures to share with you soon, isn’t that exciting!? :D

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