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December 11, 2011
Roses, macarons & Ispahan – Flo


Yellow brogues – Mom {Primark}

Charm bracelet – Karla&Nora {Marc Labat}

Bicolor leggings – Mom {Versace H&M}


Floral blazer&trousers – Flo {H&M trend}


Taschen’s bible of fashion – Mom


Black dress – Ophé (Flo’s sis)

Teal heels – Mom {Promod}


Floral skirt – Flo {H&M trend}


Do you like the new stuff? what is your favorite?
For me all of them, but I was thrilled about the floral ensemble by H&M :D

ES: Que les parecen mis regalitos? Que les gustó más? 
A mi todo! Pero me emocioné mucho con mi conjunto floreado de H&M :D

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