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September 17, 2011

Hey guys, I know how slow I’ve been lately with the blog but I promise I’m not leaving it, I’ve just had a hard time being able to do it. But here I am, and I hope you missed me :)

Here are some pictures of the last day in Ibiza. It was after the Gatecrasher concert so we were exhausted and pretty much just laid lazily at the beach and already feeling the weight of going back to the not so great weather and the daily life routine.

Even though it was a short trip it was worth it. And I can’t wait to have the opportunity to go somewhere else soon.

In my case I’m pretty excited cause my mom is coming to visit soon, so that will be a good excuse to go back to my “tourist stage” and takes tons of Paris pictures to share with you!!!!

Share your trips with me!! Let me know if you have personal blogs you want me to check out :)


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