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September 27, 2011
So TODAY was the opening of Paris Fashion Week and I’m really looking forward to finally be introduced to some of my favorite designers’ new collections!

Also today was a busy day since it was this term’s final exam {good luck none of today’s scheduled shows were from the ones I’m most thrilled about}

But anyways, hopefully I’ll get the chance to get around to get some street style/inspiration shots to share with you guys {since I’m not yet successful in the industry, my existance is pretty much ignored by every PR in Paris… what a loser!}

Also on friday my one and only amazing mom arrives!!!!

Too bad the Christian Dior fashion show is exactly at the same time I’ll be at the airport… oh well I guess I’ll have to drag my mom with me next tuesday to try to hunt some snaps outside the Chanel fashion show :)
Image sourced from: Instagram

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