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September 3, 2011

It all started when once going through the wonders of Tumblr I bumped into this photo:

Image source

 Image Source

I instantly became obsessed with this necklace {and this look} so I started a hunt on where to find it and get it but my research was a failure, all the places where I’ve found it are inspiration blogs with no orginal source**

I was really disappointed because I really wanted it. So Flo told me “you can make it” and I was like “yeah right”.
{To begin I have no experience in making jewelry, and though lately I’ve been doing some kindergarten level bracelets, that doesn’t really count as a skill}

But he insisted, and told me he’d take care about gathering the materials. And so he did! the last material arrived yesterday. So he encouraged me to do it… and well I tried, and I SUCKED big time!

So again he came to rescue, and he ended up not helping me {I’m hopeless seriously} but making it all by himself!

So now I have my beautiful object of desire :) and I can’t wait to mix it with some beautiful clothes :)

And here it is!

Isn’t he PERFECT? <3
**{actually where I got the pic, is no the original source, anyone knows it?}

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