Travel | Fun in Ibiza – Day 1

August 24, 2011

The pictures are here!

It was a pretty relaxed day, we arrived and went straight to install at the hotel. Since it was a bit late, we decided to go for a walk and get to know the surroundings… turns out Ibiza is like a heaven for those girls who love to “chacharear” as we say in spanish {to buy a lot of cheap, cute things without a purpose}… I went crazy! I wanted to spend all my money on bracelets {seriously gorgeous} and cheap-o colorful wayfarers.

Turns out that for trying not to spend all the money on the first day on bracelets… I limited myself so to buy them little by little… Huge mistake! then I didn’t find all the bracelets I originally wanted…

Lesson learned: if you find something you like and you’ve got the cash in at the moment… just go for it! {I can’t really assure you this is a wise advise though ^^}

Ohh tomorrow’s thursday!! :D We’re almost on weekend!!! {me I have a huge french civilization exam demain, and I haven’t even come close to my books :s and doesn’t seem likely to happen… shame on me!}

Hope you like the pictures!!!

Finally on our way!

Freshly arrived and waiting for the bus {this is our first picture together as fiancés :D}


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