news | going to ibiza!

August 6, 2011

Guys, you can’t even begin to imagine how excited I am!

I have probably never mentioned this {shame on me I should tell you more about me from time to time} but I’m a huge fan of Trance Music…

yes it’s true, it’s my favorite music in this world and my favorite artists in the world are 2 trance DJ’s Roger Shah and Dash Berlin.

Well I’ve always said that my dream would be to go to either one’s concert in Ibiza… and today while listening to one of Shah’s albums with Flo… he just said “we should do it, no matter where he goes, we should go to one of his concerts”

So we logged to his website and found out that he’ll be giving concerts every wednesday during august, so we checked and turns out that Dash Berlin will be there too!!! {same concert}

Obviously it was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass… so guys NEXT WEEK there won’t be Paris for me… but tons of Ibiza :D

I promise to do my best to take millions of photos of the Balearic sea and the amazing vibe of this place <3

I’ll post next my favorite song of each DJ, who knows? You may end up loving them too ;)


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