diary | the day he proposed ♥

August 20, 2011
Hi guys I’m back from my holidays, it was a great week but we’ll talk about that later. Today I wanna share a bit of the day Flo and I got engaged.

I can assure you that it has been the best day of my life {so far} I’m lucky, I’m loved by the man of my dreams and he wants to spend the rest of his life with me… it can’t get any better than that :)

What I love the most is that every little detail had a reason behind it, one of the best qualities Flo has, is that he pays attention and listens closely to what I say and think.

If I had known he’d propose… I would have dressed better ^^

It was a traditional proposal, no special stunts or anything… and though I respect and admire all those guys that make super extreme plans to propose, I’m glad Flo kept it nice and simple, fillled with honesty and love… the perfect way he could have done it for me.

I woke up this day, not knowing what a special date it would become to me… as usual we had a lazy morning and then he told me it had been a while since the last time he had taken me on a romantic dinner so he decided that that day we’d go on a date… he would take me somewhere nice and we’d enjoy the city.

Apéro at Chez Francis

That sounded like a perfect plan for me so we got ready and went to wander around the city and have a drink like we do on weekends and at then we’d go on our date.

Turned out he took me to Le Jules Verne… I wasn’t expecting it at all ^^ everytime we were close to the Eiffel Tower I would joke about him having to take me there sometime, and he did! I swear that not even then I knew what was coming.

We had a lovely night, delicious dinner and a great view.

We got to see the city from inside the tower while it sparkles and just spend a really special moment together. When we finished the dinner we went outside to enjoy the view and absorb the moment.

Y – Cookpot de légumes de saison cuits doucement
F – Foie Gras de Canard Confit délicate gelée fraise / rhubarbe

Y – Blac de Bar cuit à plat, légumes et condiment d’été
F – Grenadin de Veau au sautoir

Y – Vacherin Framboise / Mangue poivré
F – L’écrou au chocolat et praliné croustillant


Best Guimauves EVER!

It had gotten late so we decided to go home… I thought the date had finished, but obviously I was wrong.

Having arrived home, while opening the door I could hear my favorite song “To be the one {by Dash Berlin} so I thought  maybe we had forgot to turn off the music, but then to my surprise when I enter there was a pink petal path towards the bedroom… when I entered, the bed had on top a heart formed with petals an a little table with my favorite champagne and a huge pink box of macarons from Ladurée.

He told me it was our dessert {and no, I still couldn’t guess he was gonna propose} so while he was serving the champagne he told me to open the box and when I did there was a square red box inside… I started shaking and he took it and kneeled and opened it, and when I saw the ring I started to cry and obviously when he popped the question I accepted :)

The artsy pictures of the details coming soon :)

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