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August 26, 2011

Hi guys! How’s your jeudi going? I’m pretty happy cause tomorrow is the last day of a week full of impossible exams and I go to Bordeaux for the weekend :)

This is a somewhat old post … it’s from the beginning of the month… but when the whole engagement surprise happened, I just couldn’t resist to tell you right away about it. So I’m gonna make a little pause on the Ibiza posts which I’ll continue next week to show you some pictures of Place des Vosges.

For my french civilisation class I had to do an exposé… and I could choose from many options, I chose Place des Vosges since I had wanted to go take some pictures for a while, so I might as well ”kill two birds with one stone”.

Turns out the day of my presentation, I arrived completely confident with my beautiful photos on this amazing place {don’t miss to go, it’s considered the most beautiful square in Paris} and turns out I had plugged the usb key to the computer but never actually copied the homework into it… so I had to pretty much improvise what I knew {I sucked} and my pictures went unnoticed.

So here are the not so homework-y pics of this day :)

The bird bracelet is gorgeous!!!

I hope not to offend anyone… but the little merde is kinda cute isn’t it? :P

We ate at Carette yum!

Flo’s order… best salad EVER {yes I’m the kind of gf that steals food from her bf}

My de-li-cious soupe à l’oignon!!!

We were gonna get macarons… but I’m always gonna prefer those from Ladurée even if they say that the ones from Carette are better

Told you!! I steal his food :P

Then we went to wander around.. the pictures tomorrow :)
Bonne soirée mes ami(e)s

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