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July 1, 2011

Finally! It’s friday and I’m free!! As I commented on previous posts, I did an internship in a Diane Von Furstenberg Showroom, assisting the sales team. I didn’t write during the week because it was exhausting! we’d basically work 12h a day, sometimes more {it’s true I swear… from 8h30 – 20h30} and like 80% of that time we’d be standing…

The fashion world is rough.. but still I LOVE IT!!!! I can’t wait for a next opportunity

The only sad new is that I could get super few pictures, all week was hectic plus always packed with clients so there was no time to stop and photograph… it really sucks cuz this collection is GORGEOUS filled with bright colors, and bold proposals. At least I got a couple so you can see a bit {they are not great though}

Now I’m happy I get to sleep well this weekend and rest, cause on monday I go back to school and next weekend I’ll go to La fête foraine des Tuileries and I’ll spam you with tons of pictures of that :))

How was your week, what did you do?

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