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June 9, 2011

I wanna share this with you cause I’m pretty happy right now.
If things go as planned, not too long from now I’ll work on the showroom presentation of DVF’s RTW Resort Collection 2012!!

It’s an unpaid one-week position as a sales representative on the showroom. I’m not really interested in sales, but it still makes me pretty happy cuz since I’m still on the hunt for a bank loan in order to afford just applying to a fashion school* my career has been on hold since I arrived to France… I’ve been only studying french and that’s quite frustrating cuz I feel like I’m falling behind and I’m taking too long to actually enter the fashion business.

So even as this one week job is not gonna make any change in my career, at least I can be happy to feel productive and in touch with what I love… Finally!

I don’t wanna give out too much info yet, cuz just like we say in Mexico “no quiero que se cebe”** but hopefully it’ll all go smoothly {I’ll do a good job & not mess up} and hopefully I’ll be able to take tons of pictures to share with you :))

In the meantime I’ll upload some collages with the new collection… it’s amazing and feeds my neon cravings!!!


*{yes I have to pay the WHOLE curse just to be able to apply… so imagine my embarrassment if I go from bank to bank begging for a loan and not passing the admission exam in the end :/}

**{in Mexico there’s this belief in which if you talk too much about a certain plan you’re particulary excited about you make it go wrong and not happen}
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