fashion | dvf 1st day report

June 25, 2011

Today was my first day at the DVF showroom…
I had no idea what to wear, so I decided it’d be a nice, colorful friendly look.
Yellow jeans, navy blue – polka dot wide shirt, coral polka dot scarf, colorful bracelets, orange nails and black sandals…
well you can imagine my surprise when I arrived and found that all the other internes were dressed in black / neutrals… that freaked me out for a split of a second and then I just thought What the hell! I like colors :)

In the beginning to be honest I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect, nor from the staff nor from the other girls who’d be interning for the week as well.
But it turned out to be amazing! The sales team is super friendly and the girls are awesome too! It’s the first day and I already love them… plus it’s nice to meet other girls who are on the same “channel” as me, with the same interests and compatible personalities.
On the other hand, I cannot explain how happy I am. I know this 1-week job isn’t gonna change my career but I had missed so much to just be involved in this world that I’m so passionate about! And it’s great to feel like I’m actually doing something apart from just learning french.
The collection is gorgeous filled with bright colors {neons too} and crazy patterns, so I’m diggin’ it BIG TIME! and the bags OMG, I wanna keep them all… but obvs I won’t… I ain’t no Winona Rider lol
After working in the showroom I even went for some drinks with one of my new friends at La Perle… the perfect way to finish such a great day!
The only bum about today, is that I wasn’t able to take pictures {actually I was too shy to ask if they minded if I could take some pics of the showroom and collection} and the rest of the week will be crazy as well. So I don’t know if I’ll be able to provide any :(( I’ll try to snap at least one… to share this cool experience with you!
BTW since the weekend is gonna be slow, they are making half of the team go tomorrow and half go on sunday… so turns out I will actually be with my boyfriend on the weekend of his bday! how cool is that? :)

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