Paris Photo | Rue Vieille du Temple

June 4, 2011

Two years ago I came to Paris all by myself with no plan at all, just expecting the unknown {I ended up falling in love with the best man on Earth ♥}

Almost everyday I’d choose a random metro station and start wandering around little and big streets alike. All day long walking and absorbing the city, until the night arrived and I would bump into another random metro station, and from there I’d find my way back to the apartment… It was just me and my camera.

One day I found myself in this little neighborhood with a gorgeous little avenue filled with stores and restaurants… and I fell in love. The weirdest thing was that I never took the moment to even check where I was.

Now, ever since I moved to Paris {just 4 months ago} I’ve been obsessed trying to find that treasure street that captivated me once… it took me a while, I would go on google maps and try to remember that day, where did I begin and where did I end; and from that information and using the pictures I took as HINTS… I’d take different paths on the STREET VIEW {google maps} literally walking virtually on all those streets… til I finally found it :)

Turns out, it’s one of the most famous streets in the Marais… and almost everyone knows it, lol and I thought it my little secret special place ^^

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