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May 31, 2011

Last saturday, I had initially planned to go to Versailles, but some errands came up and we couldn’t go.

Since, we finished up late, we went for a simple plan which was to go and know the park André Citröen in the 15th arrondissement…

This is not the usual Parisian park, it’s completely different and it’s surrounded by a bunch of office buildings.

It certainly doesn’t sound really appealing, and even in the pictures it’s not eye-catchy but it is quite something; plus it has the hot air balloon which brings a new option for a panoramic view of Paris.

We didn’t use the balloon, but we’ll do soon.

Since there are these dancing fountains, there’s a bunch of kids running and playing in the water and that gives the place a certain “beach vibe” that literally, lots of people are tanning in their bathing suits… it’s different, I tell you.

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