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April 21, 2011

Yesterday while bloggin a pic of macarons I remembered this time me and my bf made an unsuccessful attempt at making macarons… it was so much FUN even though in the end it really did kinda suck that we didn’t succeed :P

Here’s the chronicle of that attempt :)
Our recipe was based on the book «macarons» by José Maréchal
{This book is great, and the fact that our recipe didn’t work is mainly due to the fact that we didn’t have the exact materials and a lack of skills/practice}

The first step was to mix almond powder with icing sugar, but we never found the almond powder so we “made it” {1st mistake}
To make the almond powder we bought complete almonds

We cut them in pieces

Then we ground them and strained them…

So we could after mix the ground almonds with the icing sugar {we think our problem was that since they were actual almonds they were too humid, as oppossed to them in powder in which case they are dehydrated}

Then put some water with sugar to boil at 110°c and in a separate bowl we mix the white part of an egg. After we pour the cooked sugar in the whites and mix until de meringue cools off.

At the same time we mix the white of another egg {unmixed} with the mix of almonds and sugar, so we can after add the colorant.

Then little by little we incorporate and mix the meringue with the already colored mix.

We put the mix in a pastry bag in order to serve little circles on the baking tray with wax paper

{we didn’t have a pastry bag so we used a common bag and cut the tip of a corner to serve {2nd mistake}, and I recommend you to draw circles with pencil in the paper so you can make sure all the servings are the same size to match each other}

In our case we would just be guessing the amount of mix to serve and we served them however we wanted so there were trays with 8 shells while others with 6 or even 10 {3rd mistake} plus served too much in each so they were huge {4th mistake}

Then we have to let them dry for around 1 hour so we can after put them in the oven during 15 minutes at 145 °c {our oven just had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… no specific temperatures so we had to “guess” {5th mistake}}

When taking out the tray from the oven, we have to pour some water so the shells won’t get stuck to the paper when taking them off.
This was our first result:

Yes, they are huge, they are “melted” they are just disgusting EPIC FAIL
With this we realized the temperature was wrong, so we changed temperature and this was our second result:

It was better than the first, but it still wasnt a macaron… they kinda looked like pink cookies to me :P
So we changed the temperature again {still guessing}
And while in the oven, they seemed at least better {but huge}

And this was the 3rd result:

It was an actual shell!! :D but a too huge and broken one :/ but well it was close ^^

Then the following one was the closest to a real good macaron… we made close to 80 macarons and only 1 resembled a macaron, and it was the tiniest one {which made us think, we really messed up by making them all so huge}
This one stayed longer in the oven, and took more macaron-y consistence… but it turned BROWN instead of staying purple lol XD

And then this was how it was suppossed to look like, according to the book…

So now you know how NOT to make macarons :) My bf and I will make another attempt next time we go to Bdx together… and for sure I’ll make another chronicle.
You should try to make them, you’re probably gonna be better than us! ;)

Bon appetit!

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