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March 1, 2011

It’s been a while since I last wrote here.

Last week on thursday I went to a sort of Karaoke bar with a friend, my bf, his brother {his wife {her brother {his friends}}}. And it was fun, though to be honest I wasn’t in love with the lack of organisation. My friend and I asked for a song and they took like 2.5 hours to put it… by the time it was our turn we were already running out of voice from singing the other songs.

On friday my boyfriend and I went to a nightclub {with his cousin and his cousin’s friends} at Porte de la Villette (AKA Paris’ butt) named “La Pena”. In the beginning it was nice but then they stuck on putting just french “oldies” songs which really really sucked because I started to get super mega bored… because I didn’t even know the rythm and they were more like “sing and jump” songs so they didn’t work for me.

Then I kissed my boyfriend and a girl came to me and called me “chaudiere” which I don’t really give a damn but that pissed off my bf lol…

So I had to wait till 5h30 listening to kinda shitty songs til the métro opened…

On saturday I woke up until 14h30 :O{ I felt like lazy cow} and since the weather was mega shitty I stayed home and did laundry.

On sunday I went with my boyfriend to skate {there will be pics later}

and got mega sick after it :( Now I’m still recovering a bit but still feel like shit :S

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