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March 15, 2011

Yesterday night I sent my CV to the Director of wholesale of a really amazing fashion group for an internship on sales and development.

When I was writing the email I suddenly came to the idea that my school schedule is really shitty and “what would I do if they hired me?” well then I came back to Earth and realized that in the end they probably wouldn’t contact me anyways.

So I wake up this morning to an email from this man saying that he likes my profile, though he would like me to write a cover letter IN FRENCH  to evaluate my level.

So, now I feel like shit! cuz I know I don’t have a good level of french… when I saw the post on this job and saw it didn’t say anything similar to “must speak french” I kinda hoped it wouldn’t be necessary, but that was naïve (if not mega stupid) to think, since the spot is in Paris.

Well so anyways I haven’t sent him anything yet. I kinda wanna do my best on a cover letter but it would be lying to myself cause I know that at the moment I wouldn’t be able to deal with clients or anything, so I don’t know if I should even try at all at doing the CL but then again, I don’t want to just not answer so I was thinking of maybe sending him an email thanking him for taking me into account, but that I wouldn’t want to take his time when I already know I don’t have an enough level of french.

I don’t know what to do, I’m kinda not in the mood nor energy to write anything now but I also don’t want to let much more time pass.

What should I say?

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