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March 17, 2011

I’m bored, but like really really bored…

I’m in one of those “something hurts” days {I’m starting to beleive I’m hypochondriac} which led me to NOT go out on St. Patricks! :(

And then I realized that today I didn’t wear any green at all… but some little details in red (+ white + black)
I loooove these 2 watches!! it’s the oldest and the newest I have :)
The vintage Casio I got it around 1 week ago {I had craved for it for so long} and the Mickey Mouse one, is a bit of a guilty pleasure because it’s completely broken & doesn’t work AND it’s actually a watch my brother got on his first trip to Disneyland when he was 9yrs old! He’s 27 now, so do the math ^^ {this watch is 18yrs old!!!}
Then to complement the watch I wore this super cute ring that I got on my last trip to Disney <3

Lately I’ve had this renewed love for vintage Mickey Mouse… hence me wearing the watch almost daily… and last winter I got a vintage Mickey sweatshirt that I’m trying to fit with a cool edgy look, we’ll see what happens

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