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March 31, 2011

They are not Louboutins but I do love them :)

These are my new acquisition, and I couldn’t be happier to have them… it’s been like centuries since I have wanted a pair of sneakers in a pastel toned turquoise and I finally got my hands feet on them!!

Plus as much as I would really like to be presenting a hugely amazing pair of wedges… to be honest I’m currently not able to afford them (at least not the ones that I want) and Paris’ streets are a bitch… so I’m gonna walk happy with these comfy babies.

I’m also thrilled to pair them up with my favorite watch <33

Plus now that spring is beggining to show up around… I’m just gonna be wearing the RIVA 24/7 :))
Don’t know if it’s obvious but pastel turquoise/aqua/{however you wanna call it} really makes me happy :D

PS. Yes I got over-thrilled shooting them ^^

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