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March 17, 2011

So in the week I got an invitation from ASW to a cocktail party at Le Queenie on Tuesday night… In a normal situation I wouldn’t have come cuz on tuesday I’m just not mentally programmed to go out and drink. But since my boyfriend is out of city for 2 weeks and I kinda need the distraction cuz to me it’s like neverending and I hate having breakfast, lunch and dinner alone… I decided to go.

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect, I don’t know if I’ll sound much of a loser but this is the first time I’ve gone out on a tuesday night (I think) plus I didn’t know the place.

So I asked my friend Nora to come with me, and she asked her roomie Ana to join us… we felt like freaks on the metro, everyone was heading back from job, tired, ready to eat dinner and then rest and then there were these 3 girls wearing super high heels and tons of make up.

We kept telling ourselves “They probably think we’re escorts” lol and as a joke we would be like “I’m no working, I promise!”

Once we arrived to Champs Élysées, it was completely different. That’t the amazing thing about the touristic areas, they are active almost 24/7… so there were a lot of people having dinner, hanging out and dressed nicely.

When we arrived to the place I tripped a little in front of the bouncer… he totally loved me, I bet in his mind he totally was like “ohh très mignonne”.

Between me and you it is a bit like my signature entrance… probably 7 out of 10 times that I get to a nightclub I trip… why?? I guess I just have an enormous lack of motor skills … but that seems to ever win the guys over ^^

The place was beautiful! the music amazing {I got to know that it was a “DJ John Rocca” who not only did he mix great, but my friend found astonishingly sexy (he was)} and we danced a lot :)

Source: Paris RencontresResto.fr

We didn’t come back too late since we had exam on wednesday morning, but it was totally worth it… a really good girls night out.


                                 Source: Sarremia

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