diary | spring is here

March 23, 2011

Finally the day has come, the day I can start to be super happy and active to enjoy the city I’m living it :)

It’s spring, and even though it still get’s chilli after lunch, the sun is shining and I’m gonna be shining with it :D

So in order to honor that, I went with a friend to welcome this new amazing season at the Jardins du Luxembourg. And from what I saw, I wasn’t the only one thrilled with the sun being out… the place was packed and everyone seemed to be on a lighter mood.

One of the amazing things of this season coming, is that I get to wear lighter clothes. I’m definitely more of a warm-weather dresser than a cold one. I like colors, and showing off my clothes {not covering them all with a huge coat}

And it was a bit of a bum, because due to the super cold weather during these past two months I’ve kinda dressed like shit pretty much {which I hate} so with this new season also comes my interest of looking pretty and showing myself to the world :))

Today I just went for a walk with some friends around Hotel de Ville and Pompidou… it wasn’t a set plan, just to enjoy the day outside.

With this weather I feel I’m gonna be able to actually make the most out of this city and really enjoy myself.

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