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March 13, 2011

So today I feel a bit nervous… why?

Cuz today my bf left for 2 weeks to Bdx which means I’ll be alone for real now. I know it may sound stupid, it’s not like I’m scared of being by myself or anything {actually I’m not, and I’m one of those persons who really cherishes to be on their own from time to time}

But it is the fact that now for real I’m gonna know what it is like to be alone a 100%, living on my own, depending only on myself and well it’s also de fact that I’m a bit homesick and my bf won’t be here to cheer me up on that sense.

But well it’s not the end of the world, and we’ll see how do I feel with feeling completely independent, how do I use my time and how do I pretty much manage everything around me.

I’ve been extremely sick for the last 2 weeks and I’m really glad that even though I’m not fully recovered, I’m close to it… the idea of being sick in bed without nothing to do and alone really isn’t the best way for these 2 weeks to pass by fast. That’s also the reason I haven’t posted much here recently {I couldn’t stand looking at the screen without feeling sick}

So I’m gonna upload some pictures of the day that my bf and I went rollerskating around the city. Actually that day is the responsible of getting me sick, for so long.

That day was fun. I hadn’t rollerskated in like 8yrs (I swear) and I was sure it was like bicycles {once you learn you don’t forget} well I was wrong, I fell to my butt more than once (on the concrete :/) and looked like a dork but it doesn’t change the fact that I loved it… I just wish there was a better weather to do it.

We began at Trocadéro and decided to go down to the Tower {huge mistake} it took me like 30 min to go down the stairs, and the little park below Trocadéro is a bit inclinated so actually that’s were I fell like 20 times, then we crossed Pont d’Iéna and skated for a while below the tower, went through Parc du Champ Mars, passed École Militaire and stopped on Place de Bretuil to take Avenue de Bretuil on the way to Invalides, passed it, took the Pont Alexandre III to get to Place de la Concorde and skate for a while, after took Champs Élysées did a little detour at Avenue Montaigne for me to take a some photos of the vitrines and finally went back to Champs to take the métro at Franklin D Roosevelt.

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