diary | montmartre

March 22, 2011

I’ve always always loved Montmartre, since the first time I went when I was 17 and got lost from my group… I was just captivated by the mysticism of the place.

Certainly one of my favorite aspects about it is the fact that it’s in a sort of hill, so the view is gorgeous, you see Paris all around, the different roofs and domes, and everything looks like a beautiful vintage picture… you just feel in a world separate from the rest.

No wonder it was the favorite place of so many artists; genius that had a 6th sense to appreciate the world… they knew Montmartre was special, I’m sure.

Then there’s this <out of this world> basilique, all white and flawless. Which to me, is one of the best treasures of the city.

Another amazing thing, is that it has stayed to be the place that holds new artists and so much talent.

It’s like a little town within the city…

It’s a place full of contrasts, good and bad, but in the end what/who doesn’t have a bad side these days anyways?

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