diary | cherry blossom girl

March 17, 2011

I’ve always been in love with this flower {cherry blossom AKA Sakura} when I was little I saw once in a calendar a picture of a sort of park in japan filled with lines and lines of Cherry Blossom Trees… ever since I got my obsession with this flower.

That is what led me to get a tattoo of cherry blossoms on my left ribs, (this is what I call devotion lol)…

And then there’s this amazing song by air with the name “Cherry Blossom Girl” so of course one has to love it.
Who wouldn’t love a tree filled beautiful tiny pink flowers?

So you may be able to guess how thrilled I am now that these amazing trees are starting to blossom around the city. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to go take some pictures of one of my favorite flowers and obvs with my favorite person in the world = my bf <3

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