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February 22, 2011

This weekend was a blast! But a really exhausting one too.
It all begun on friday. After school I pretty much spent the day doing laundry and packing for the weekend, my boyfriend arrived home and we decided to have dinner. Unfortunately, as always we just let time pass by so we had to literally run to catch the train at 9:10pm. We arrived exactly about 1 minute before the doors of the train closed, I couldn’t catch my breath it was insane.

At around half past midnight we arrived to Bordeaux and took the road to go to my bf’s house which is 30min far from the Gare. On saturday we woke up at 9h and began packing for all the things we were going to take back to Paris (e.g. printer, computer, hangers, rollerskates, etc.) ate breakfast and got in the heading to Cauterets {we got there at almost 16h} since it was too late to ski for that day, we had dinner with all his family.

On sunday, we woke up at 7h took breakfast and went to rent the ski equipment to after make the line to go to the mountain. {There were tons of people, since the two closest mountains had closed for the day so everyone was at this one} We were on top at around 12h and finally got to ski.

I have to mention, that before sunday I had NEVER skied in my life. So you can imagine how things went for me.

The morning didn’t begin all bright for me, cause my cellphone fell to the ground and got off it’s skin so it got all scratched, which seriously didn’t make me happy :(

The I got a huge bruise on my waist, and the worst part is that it wasn’t even while skiing. Literally I had just put the skis on, we were in the partwhere people are just “walking” towards the slopes {where the ground is completely horizontal} and my bf had to stop holding my hand for like a second since he had a call the moment he turned around I wasn’t there anymore.

I have no idea how, but in a horizontal track I started advancing and didn’t know how to stop, went straight until I lost balance and hit the ground in the most painful way {fml} at the moment I cracked up but then I actually got in the worst mood.

Like I already suck at sports, I couldn’t believe I sucked at this one too {on the first 5 min} so it probably took me like an hour to stop being all moody and saying it wasn’t for me and that next time I would go with my boyfriend but just play with the snow {I was a total pain in the ass tbh}

Then I finally let my bf convince me that it was fun and even though I hit the ground like another million times, I actually started enjoying it.

Then my boyfriend took me to a “blue slope” {which is a more advanced slope} which was super vertical and scary. He would grab me from behind and do the work {he did that on the green slope and it was super fun} but since it was super hard for me to keep my skis parallel on the first slope I accidentally put my ski below his {making him lose control} so instead of going down in a slow way, we went in a super fast uncontrolled way all straight down.

It was amazingly scary and exciting at the same time, I was screaming like crazy and felt as if I were in a rollercoaster but without the security protections… it was awesome! I don’t know how he managed to makes us not fall in the end …

For half the rest of the slopes we did the same, and in 2 occasions we fell and rolled but nothing serious. In the 2 last ones he made me go myself, in one I did fine, and in the other I almost bumped into a person, achieved to stop in time but then went backwards on my butt.

This all was in 3 hours, cuz at 16h00 we had to leave the mountain go get our things and take the road {3:30 hours] back to Bordeaux to take the train back to Paris at 20h00.

But the comeback wasnt so easy, cuz we had left our shoes on my bf’s mom’s husband car and he was up in the mountain and since we didn’t have other shoes, we had to leave barefoot. The in the exit of Cauterets, there was a police control checking the trunks of the cars to check that no one steals the skis and when they stopped us they saw my bf had no shoes, which got us into trouble so the policeman said then I’d have to drive but then I showed him I didn’t have shoes either and I think he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

They spent like 30min questioning my bf and finally let us go with the order to buy shoes at the Carrefour 2km away.

So in the end, again my bf and I were running late for the train, and once more got there just one minute before the doors closed.

We arrived home at midnight and finally got to sleep.

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