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February 8, 2011


  • The weather is “good enough” for me to be able to open the windows for the first time since I arrived.
  • I may get a first “job” this week.
    {It’s a one time job <for 2 weeks> but it’s an exciting one :D
    The guy was all up for taking me, but I still have to check my school schedule. As nerdy as it sounds I really don’t wanna skip my classes. So on thursday evening I’ll tell him what my schedule will be, and he’ll decide if it works for him or not}
  • I’m living in Paris!!!! :D


  • I already feel like a “Desperate Housewife”. I clean and clean, and with the blink of an eye things get dirty.
  • While mopping my “livingroom” I accidentally spilled all the dirty water of the bucket.
  • I think I’m already gaining weight :O


  • I don’t know if the people living here before were pigs or I’m actually becoming crazy and developing an obsessive-compulsive disorder lol
  • Damn you fromage!! I’m craving you 24/7

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