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February 10, 2011

Today I went to the offices of the school to know my schedule. Last monday I did the exam for them to decide on which level I should be, and in the end they asked me to tell them {in order of preference} 3 options of schedule I prefered. So I said

1- 8h-10h
2- 10h-12h
3- 12h-14h

And the woman was like “isn’t it too early?” and I was like “Noo it’s fine!” but when I went back home I realized my mistake. I’m not even a morning person, I hate waking up early and I chose the earliest time! Like wtf was I thinking?? So obviously I got the one from 8 to 10 {I bet I was the only one who chose it as first option}

What sucks is that a friend of mine chose that schedule last semester and her class was full of grown men and women … so for the next 4 months I guess I’ll be bffs with people with children and stuff :/

I still have on wednesday to do the phonetique exam to know at what level and I’ll choose it to be at 10h. The bright side is that I’ll be free at lunch time to be able to go with my bf to eat it with him :)

This is my future book… I was set on Elémentaire {which was a surprise cuz I was sure I’d be on débutant}

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