diary | thrilled!

February 17, 2011

Because I did get the change from class!!
I’m seriously the happiest! Not only am I not gonna have to wake up with outside still dark, but also my new class is 2 stations closer to home and I only have to walk 1 short block instead of 3 long ones and on a sort of heel :D

Pluuuus if I stand outside the door of this building and look left, like 800 m away from me is the Notre Dâme, I love that island, and I can go everyday if I want!

Also the class is waaaay more interesting! The teacher is lovely, she speaks suuuuuper fast which makes the class a bit harder, but still I feel way more motivated by her, plus my classmates are young :)

The full is room, so I have to sit all the way in the back next to a Colombian girl.

She’s really nice, but I still don’t figure her out completely yet. Cause like she can be 5 min speaking and laughing and all and then she gets all quiet and doesn’t answer if I talk to her :S Lol today she was all fine, though she seemed a bit in a bad mood and by the end of the class she saw me and just left like didn’t say goodbye.

Not that it bothers me, I actually found it funny ^^ but yes I still have to figure her out better.

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