diary | night out

February 17, 2011

Since on Valentine’s we didn’t get to do much because of his job, tonight my boyfriend decided that we should have dinner out.

We ate at a Brasserie down in Convention, where I got a salad without dressing {not because of the calories, but because I can’t stand Mutard de Dijon, and since every time I tell a waiter that, he looks at me like I’m a weird insect I’ve begun to say I’m alregyc – it’s more efficient lol} he got a salad himself and we shared a Banana Split {in this YES we shared because of the calories- for me of course}

After dinner we went to watch Black Swan {which I had been waiting to see for a million years} and it was entertaining but a bit of a dissapointment. It was really not what I expected :/ I would laugh at the “scary parts”  and it just made regret eating that banana split even more :P

But it was a good night indeed :) I got a lovely date with my boyfriend <3 and we didn’t have to wash dishes afterwards woo-hoo!

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